Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

Key Principle #15: Understanding Context is Helpful

January 21, 2020 Andrew S. Baker Season 2 Episode 15
Rightly Divide the Word of Truth
Key Principle #15: Understanding Context is Helpful
Show Notes

Welcome to episode #15 of our review of “The Key Principles of Effective Bible Study” which is available to download at this link.

Subject: Understanding Context is Helpful

In this presentation, we will answer the following question:
To what extent is context important to understanding the Bible?

Most people know that Bible Study is essential to the Christian experience.  And many people realize that without prayer, Bible Study is futile and unproductive.  But there are other principles that the Scriptures teach us besides these, and not all of them are well known or well understood.  And understanding of these principles is helpful to rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Our goal in this broadcast is to present these principles for your review, so that you will have a richer and more complete experience in your personal devotions, leading you become just like the noble Bereans of Acts 17:10-12.

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